Ceramic You Have Perfect Boobs

Ceramic You Have Perfect Boobs

Edition of 3 only- each boob is unique. Comes in all sizes.




Kayla Lui is an illustrator and experimental comic artist currently based in Hong Kong and London. Her work is part speculative, part anecdotal. Active in HK and UK, she has recently participated in Hong Kong and France Comics Creation Exchange Programme (2020), Wild Art Festival (HK, 2020) and Goldsmiths Oriental M-art (UK, 2020). She is currently working on Dailongfeng Restaurant, a 120-page comic book interpreting split socio-political realities, which she hopes to publish independently in 2021 under the name Crying Sesame Press. 


Crying Sesame Press publishes visual poetry, zines and experimental comics. Works include A Walk In Central, HKSOS and Hong Kong Textures Vol. 1.