Ellingfort Road HCCS Photo Print

Ellingfort Road HCCS Photo Print

All profits go to Hackney Chinese Community Services.


Ellingfort Road
8’’x10’’ on A4, C-type print
Edition of 8, signed and numbered

Communities in East London were some of the first Chinese settlements in the UK over 160 years ago. Hackney Chinese Community Services, based from its current location on Ellingfort Road for much of its 30-year-plus history, is one of the several non-profit organisations representing and supporting this community and now the broader ESEA community in London.




Noel Zhang grew up in North London and has been based in the city ever since. When not spending his time teaching Physics, he moonlights as a photographer working from the safety of a darkroom. His photography has recently focused on exploring East Asian communities and identity in the UK.


Noel is currently documenting and volunteering at Hackney Chinese Community Services (@hackneychinese), one of several important organisations in London giving support both to the pre-existing local Asian community and to incoming migrants across a variety of geographical and cultural backgrounds.