Lazy Susan Print

Lazy Susan Print

The round table, the array of choice, the conversations whispered and shouted across the table, the clinking noises of porcelain bowls and chopsticks, the glistening sheen on the skin of a roast duck, the passing back and forth of food. I can go on….


Giclee print on Hahnemühle photo rag 308gsm

Dimensions: 21cm x 20cm




British born Hong Kong Chinese, Georgina’s roots and culture were instilled from a young age watching her mum cook and afterschool mix of CITV merged with TVB dramas. Her childhood was enriched with a very unique experience of working to support her parents in their Chinese takeaway, involving studying for her exams all the whilst deboning 20 roast chickens. 


Georgina’s personal work took a back seat during her 20s, and only started drawing for herself again in 2020. She considers herself a multi-disciplinary artist, focusing on bringing joy to herself and others through feel good illustrations, nostalgia for the Asian diaspora and occasionally tattooing or making random objects.