Mandarin Hoop Earrings

Mandarin Hoop Earrings

The sight of mandarins always signified the beginning of Lunar New Year for me. Everywhere you went you would see rows and rows of mandarin trees, the streets would be a sea of orange.

These earrings are a small token to the experiences evoked by the slights and smells of mandarins throughout my upbringing in Hong Kong.




Alica Parkes grew up in Hong Kong with a Thai mother and English father and considers herself quite a mix of cultures and identities. She moved to the UK in 2015 for university and now works full time in London as an event manager for a conferencing company.


Alica started working with polymer clay whilst she was on furlough during the first UK lockdown. It started as a hobby to keep her busy, but it eventually turned into a business idea. Her style is very bold and bright, and her earrings make great statement pieces.