Three Finger Salute for Every Day of the Coup

Three Finger Salute for Every Day of the Coup



Each purchase will be for a randomly selected print of the 60 from the display, all of which are one of a kind.

Prints will be shipped after May 10.




From Ohn Mar:

I came to the UK as a child of five but have strong ties with my home country. All my mum’s family still live there. The news of the coup on February 1st was devastating as there had been some small moves towards freedoms and a democracy of sorts. I wanted to mark each day of the military coup in Myanmar, as a daily reminder to my Instagram followers of what was happening in Myanmar. Starting with peaceful protests, civil disobedience and general strikes, they have grown more forceful over time, escalating into brutal crackdowns that have so far left thousands injured and more than 700 dead including young children. 


The finger salutes serve as a humble acknowledgment to those who continue protesting, risking their own lives. Each salute isn’t dreadfully remarkable on its own, but viewed together as a whole after 60 days is quite impressive. It echoes all the little ways that people in Burma are contributing to the movement, they all add up to a tremendous joint effort that cannot be underestimated.