You're a Masterpiece - A6 Greetings Card

You're a Masterpiece - A6 Greetings Card

"'You are a Masterpiece.' A motivational card with a feel-good message for every creative person and budding artists out there.

As an artist myself - I have to remind myself that I am unique, keep creating, and do what I love. I am my own Masterpiece." - June Chanpoomidole

A6 Greetings card, blank inside and supplied with envelope



June is a Thai / British illustrator and University of Westminster illustration alumnus. Her work focuses on visual storytelling for print and digital media, filled with illustrations of beautiful figures and painterly textures.

June’s cultural heritage plays an integral part in her work; born in the UK and surrounded by the endearing Thai community, inspired by the rich colours and spices.

She’s a firm believer in rekindling the creative spirit and boosting confidence by organising workshops, including Art Clubs for young people.

Her previous commissions have involved:
- Illustrating dancers live.
- Creating wedding invitations.
- Painting fashion illustration.
- Designing and branding businesses.